US Army 40mm Grenade Tactical Vest


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Country of Origin: United States of America 

These vests were manufactured to be issued to the squad level grenadiers in the US Army and Marine Corps during the Cold War. With 20 individual slots each measuring approximately 4 x 3", it gave an infantry grenadier ample room to store 40mm grenades for both the M79 and M203 grenade launchers. The addition of 4 addition long slots measuring approximately 5 x 3", the grenadier would also be able to carry the longer 40mm illumination flares. That's a little firepower and LCF for what visually appears to be a over the top fisherman's vest.

Simplified bandoliers and the advent of modular MOLLE compatible pouches made these dedicated grenade vests largely obsolete. As such, this entire batch is comprised entirely of unissued stock. 

Available only in size "Medium", which measures out to an adjustable 39-42" chest size.