The Battle-Link


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The Battle-Link unit allows up to 32 players to chat freely with one another over a continuous broadcast system. Designed to be universal, the unit can be easily fitted into any protective head and face gear commonly used in airsoft and other action sports. You can now talk to your friends whenever you want and without ever letting go of your gun.

Within the self-healing mesh network, you will be able to join up to 10 open mesh channels. Each channel can support 32 players (max.), and you can easily switch between channels with the press of a single button!

Between one another, the units share a range of 300m. Once out of range, the unit will disconnect temporarily and reconnect once the player is in range again. The self-healing mesh network ensures that players are able to head in and out of range without disrupting the connection between other players.

You can disconnect from the channel and reconnect simply by pressing the same button. This is especially useful when you need silence for better focus on the field, or when you want to chat with someone without disturbing other players in the mesh network.

To create a private channel for just you and your friends, you can mutually pair your units in a chain-link connection instead of a MESH network. This method can support up to 4 players in a private connection.


- The Battle-Link unit

- 1x Speaker set 

- 1x Boom Microphone

- 1x Miniature Microphone

- 1x Velcro Mounting Plate

- 1x Mounting Bracket 

- Extra Mounting Velcro Pads 

- 1x Battle-Link Patch 

* The units in the pictures are prototypes, final design will differ

Returns and Change of mind;

Please be aware that due to the nature of this device being worn on the head/face and in contact with skin, we do not Refund or exchange on change of mind due to health concerns.

These are brand new tech on the market and in limited supply from the manufacture and we do not refund on change of mind if the package has been opened.