TACTICAL-SKY Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset


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  • Silicone Earmuffs - The earmuffs are made of silicone, rather than ordinary sponge. So this earmuffs have higher elasticity and tightness, and more comfortable with your ears.

    Chip Protection - The chip of this headset is well protected by a film layer, which will bring higher defense capability and is mildew proof, dust proof and moisture proof.

    Electronic Noise Reduction - With the electronic active noise reduction and pickup technology this military headset can offer more clear and natural sound for you.

    High Strength Materials - The plug cable is made of kevlar wire and TEP cover, which is tensile, strong and antifreeze, not easy to be aged and hard. Head strap is replaceable and easily adjustable, and stays in place.

    With the advanced chip technology,tactical hearing protectors can provide quiet environment for you when you gaming or hunting and restore trueness.Very easily exchanged in headband style and helmet style,giving you more cool feelings.