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  • Comtac III Headset is An Active-Volume Hearing Protector .  Any Impulsive Harmful Noise Is Immediately Attenuated To a Harmless Level. When The Harmful Noise Subsides, The Hearing Function Resumes. It With New Military Standard Plug And Not Include PTT.
    In a noisy environment, the external environment for noise reduction processing, from the radio voice still clearly visible, not at the same time reduce the sound together.
    Noise control way to upgrade:
    C3 way of noise reduction is not like C2 shielding type sound sort of, forcibly C2 everyone is used to test the big screen the palm of your hand will be temporary shielding no voice, while C3 will happen to the shielding effect of the volume, it is beyond the volume of the set instantly fall, in order to achieve both can protect the hearing and to restore the actual source of sound.
    When in continuous shooting, for example, in the C2 headphones is blocked almost sounds like the deaf can hardly hear you sound, and C3 is different so you will be shooting sound can be heard all the noise and the external environment, is a powerful shooting the volume is automatically cut to you adjust the volume, so that both can hear the sound and does not harm the hearing.
    C3 response and recovery speed is quick, don't only use photographed the palm of your hand to test the noise reduction function, it doesn't like C1 noise reduction temporary shielding don't have a voice, because it is really reduce the noise and not to block