TAC-SKY Tactical Helmet Ops Core ARC Rail Adapter Helmet Mount for Tactical Comtac II & III Headsets


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The rail adapter can be used for the full range of FAST helmets, ACH helmets, MICH helmets and other helmets with ARC rails on the side.

This ARC helmet rail adapter can rotate 360° and can move up and down. The card position of the bracket on the headset can also be rotated. The length of the stand can also be adjusted.

This bracket is installed under the side of the helmet ARC track. You can reserve a place for the top of the helmet to install a tactical flashlight or camera. It can also produce better helmet stability and balance of front shield installation equipment (such as night vision equipment).

The tactical comtac headset is installed on the helmet using this product. When not in use, the headset can be rotated to the back of the helmet, which simplifies the storage method and creates a very low-key appearance.

NOTE: The are for Comtact Headsets, not Sordins