Rhodesian Light Infantry Patch


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Newest version of one of our popular Rhodesian Security Force tribute patches! 

They had the faces of boys, and yet they fought like lions. They fought a brutal civil war, clad in short-shorts with FALs and MAGs at the shoulder. They were truly, men among men.

The Rhodesian Light Infantry remains one of the premier counter insurgency units. You can't flip a "COIN" without mentioning the RLI. It was comprised of men from all around the world who believed in the cause of freedom, and paid a heavy price during the Rhodesian Bush War. 

We faithfully reproduced their crest onto Rhodesian Brushstroke as a tribute to a truly legendary unit. 

Produced in the standard 2x3" size with hook velcro backing, identical in specification to milspec flag patches.

Display the great flag without compromising your Opsec, or giving up your location in the Bush!