Rhodesian Army "North" Repro FN-FAL Chest Rig

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The OG of light-weight chest rigs, built tough despite shoe-string budgets! 

This exciting offering is a faithful reproduction of the FN-FAL chest rigs as manufactured by "North" during the Rhodesian Bush War. Significantly streamlined and durable when compared with the standard issue Rhodesian Pattern 1969 webbing, these rigs were an extremely common private purchase among Rhodesian Army troops at the "sharp end" of the war. It was commonly seen alongside similar chest rigs as manufactured by Fereday and Sons of Salisbury, but with the distinctive British style Pattern 1937/58 hybrid buckle strap system, rather than simple snap buttons. The result of this design change removed the possibility of snap buttons sheering, and allowed the wearer a greater deal of retention without compromising on the ability to quickly accessing magazines. The inclusion of two snap button grenade pouches with internal securing straps made this simple chest rig a full on "battle-rattle" for most intense operational tempos of Rhodesian Fireforce troops. 

The hybrid design of this "Rhodesian X" cross strapped rig continued to influence the designs of "lightweight" or "recon" chest rig designs into the early 2000s. This rig is perfect for collectors, re-enactors, or even those looking for a functional piece of vintage lookin' kit to run and gun with. Overall, these are a great example of Rhodesian ingenuity, at a price that even a lowly troopie can afford. 

  • Two tone OD green and khaki canvas construction in line with original "North" manufactured chest rigs
  • 4x FN FAL magazine pouches with British Pattern 1937/58 style quick detaching buckle closures - compatible with most 20 round magazine pouches
  • 2x Grenade snap button pouches with internal bungie strap
  • Rhodesian X-Cross shoulder straps measuring approximately 33" per strap
  • Adjustable buckled waist strap measuring 38"
  • Overall body length of 24"

A note about the price; I wanted these to be cheaper but unfortunately the skyrocketing cost of Freight has scuttled those plans, to the extent of nearly tripling the cost price. These are as cheap as I can make them with the freight cost factored in.