Recon Set "Recruit" (GS)

$145.00 $185.00

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High-quality and well-chosen equipment can save a life in a critical situation, therefore this is what special forces soldiers will not save on. At the same time, the cost of the kit over the past few decades has grown significantly.

   The ready-made Recruit kit is a collaboration product of two Russian Brands - 
Mordor Tac and Wartech. This kit includes everything a scout needs. The main feature, besides it’s affordable price, is extremely high quality. The kit includes a “Recruit” suit, “Price” boonie, “Rogue” bandana and a “Recruit” chest rig. And all this just for $190.

   All products from the kit are made of high-quality fabric and are not "AliExpress gear" from the cheapest materials, which are usually sold at the same price. The cost was reduced due to the design simplicity and the rejection of unnecessary "bells and whistles", endless pockets and functions that you will never really need.

  • Premium quality, affordable price.
  • A complete kit of equipment for $190.
  •  Includes everything a scout needs.
Fabric: 35 % Cotton 65 % Polyester.

Fabric: 35% Cotton 65% Polyester.

Fabric: KMF Lux 35% Viscose 65% Polyester.

Fabric: Korean Kodra 500D (OD, Black, CB, Multicam, A-Tacs); Belarus Mogotex 500D(EMR).
Straps: Nylon 100%.
Furniture: Acetal.

MSA Quality rating 7/10 Not great quality but ok for the price and definitely the best deal if you just want to look russian"ish"on a budget. Fabric is thin so will be very light and comfortable in hot wearther. The best way I can honestly describe the suit is it's like camo pyjama's. Zip jacket, elastic waisted pants. Bonnie hat is same material and light and comfy.
Best part is the chestrig. Room for 6 mags, plus 2 other pouches and a map or document pouch. made from decent material.