Radio Pouch "Wave" UP-110 (GS)


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Information exchange is the most important tactical component. Operators and units need to inform each other about the enemy movements, call in the fires and etc. All this requires a constant established radio communication. So there is a question — how to place a radio station on the equipment of each fighter to ensure maximum convenience.

   Up-110 pouch from Wartech allows you to place the radio on any equipment with MOLLE interface or on a trouser belt. The pouch is closed with a fastex on an adjustable elastic cord, and also has a rubber insert on the girth, which not only provides great fixation of the radio, but also allows you to carry not only amateur ones, but more powerful and large professional radio stations.

   The pouch has no flap which allows you to quickly and easily grab a radio station to transmit information or make changes to the settings. Night time? Turn the radio’s screen to you, the antenna won’t interfere. The pouch has small size and it allows you to conveniently place it anywhere on the equipment.