Original Russian Army Dog Tag (GS)

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The Dog Tag is a personal badge with a number that allows you to identify a serviceman, keep a systematic record, quickly identify KIA and wounded in combat conditions, and therefore is mandatory for all servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to carry with them.

   This is a soldier's Dog Tag of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the lower part of the badge is empty, which allows you to engrave your individual identifier on the lower part, according to the standard, the identifier consists of one letter of the Russian alphabet, a hyphen and six digits example "Ж-123456"(J-123456). In fact, there are no strict regulations for wearing a badge in the Russian Armed Forces, usually it is sewn to a military ticket(Военный Билет), sometimes soldiers carry it in a special pocket on their trousers or around their neck. Unlike the NATO countries, the Russian soldier wears a Dog Tag in a single copy.