OPS Core Cover "Spec" (GS)

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 The original FAST helmet was developed by Ops-Core and is currently in service with many countries around the world. In particular, it can be seen on a soldier of the Russian Special Forces, Anti-terror fighters, Military Intelligence and in the Rosguard. The helmet has a small weight, the shape of its dome is designed taking into account the specifics of the work of special forces and is designed for maneuverable actions. For such a helmet, you need a functional and reliable cover. Fortunately, the Mordor Tac has presented its solution to this problem.

   The "Spec" cover for the Ops-Core helmet covers the entire area of the helmet, convenient minimalistic Velcro panels are placed on all sides for installing patches, insignia, light-accumulating tags, IR markers, etc.

   To install this cover on the helmet, it is necessary to remove the side rails from the helmet, after installing the cover, the rails are mounted in their places and screwed through special holes in the cover, thanks to this arrangement, the cover covers all parts of the helmet and is securely fixed on it.

   Fit for OPS Core types and their analogues:

A. Original helmets and ballistic replica size L/XL, S/M (Any manufacturer).

B. Carbon helmets, helmets with vents (Any manufacturer).

C. All airsoft replicas (if NVG mount is not removable from the replica, you need to gently penetrate the fabric under it with a sharp knife and bake edges).


1. A cover with a clear installation and reliable fixation.

2. Adjustment along the bottom edge with an elastic cord.
3. There are minimalistic velcro panels for placing patches,
light-accumulating marks, IR beacons, etc.
4. It is put on a helmet with dismantled rails,
and is additionally fixed by them during installation.