Kneepads DOT (GS)


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Joint protection is very important, especially in an urban environment, where it is often necessary to take a position for shooting from the knee or lying down, being on a surface strewn with shrapnel.

   The " DOT " set is a closed-type knee pad with rounded shape protection, designed to protect the knee joint, thanks to the design, the fall or rapid reduction of the silhouette is much safer than in classic knee pads.

   DOT knee pads are fastened at the knees with two elastic straps with Velcro, under which there are neoprene flaps that are additionally fastened with Velcro.

1. Soft knitwear on the inside.
2. Double fastening and adjustment system for comfort,
under the standard Velcro straps there are additional neoprene flaps that fasten with Velcro.
3. Shockproof plastic shield of rounded shape.
4. Have improved fall protection, thanks to the design.