Inner belt "Baza" for Light Warbelts (GS)


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 Season change, and therefore changing outerwear, figure change - all this in one way or another leads to the fact that old equipment doesn't suit you. This can happen to your favourite warbelt. Fortunately, warbelts like MRB have an inner velcro belt that can be replaced with a more suitable one.

   If you already own an Lanets warbelt by Wartech, or Ronin and MRB by Ars Arma, then you probably enjoyed with this multi-part system. If necessary (inner belt damaged or you put on more clothes and etc.), you can simply use a larger belt without replacing the main MOLLE part.

   This ensures high modularity of the system and you don't have to buy a second MOLLE belt.

1. Replaceable base for warbelts.
2. Allows you to use the same belt in winter and summer.
3. Durable fabric.
4. Soft velcro side on belt.