Grenade Pouch "Classic" (GS)


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The development of equipment does not stand still, every year there are new types of pouches and modifications of existing ones. Sometimes this is really justified, and sometimes it only leads to an increase in price and a decrease in usability. A large number of cords, ties, etc. are not needed by most users. At the same time, the classic pouches, without additional functional, are taken out of production by manufacturers.

   The company Mordor Tac. solved this problem by releasing a line of pouches "Classic". The main idea was about simple pouches without unnecessary functional, made of modern materials with a affordable price. The pouch is suitable for both beginners, and professionals who do not need extra functionality and need light weight and low price.

   The pouch for the grenade "Classic" is a classic pouch for 1 grenade RGD, RGO and others. Inside there is a loop made of a bracket, into which you can insert the safety bracket of your grenade for additional security. The pouch is completely closed with a flap made of fabric, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your ammunition.


1. Suitable for almost grenade (including airsoft one).
2. The MOLLE mounts are made of hypalon,
this ensures low weight and high strength.
3. Low price and weight is ensured by the absence
of unnecessary functionality.
4. An excellent choice for a professional or a beginner.
5. Only modern materials are used in production,
ensuring durability and ease of use.