Army Regular Suit "Pixelka" BDU (GS)

$60.00 $112.00

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 The first Russian army uniform in digital camouflage, which replaced the old “Flora” uniform in the early 2010s. This field uniform was used in almost all units of the Russian army.

      Pixel camouflage EMR proved to be the most effective in moderate climate due to the colours and pattern. The costume itself is minimalistic, but has all the necessary functionality.

      This BDU suit is an excellent choice for a novice MilSim player due to the low price, simplicity, ease of wearing and high-quality materials of manufacture, if you collect the equipment of Russia.

Recognisable appearance, perfect for the re-enacting of Russian armed forces in the early 2010s.

Rip-Stop 50 % cotton 50 % polyester.

MSA Quality rating 7/10 Good quality for the price While fabric is good, buttons are not always stitched on that well. Inner pocket lining is poly fabric different to the main fabric.