Army Pouch for PKM/PKP Machinegun (GS)


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Used for stacking up to 250 rounds in strips or one box of ammunition for 100 PKM machine guns.

- To increase the rigidity of the walls and avoid their deformation when placing tape cartridges in the pouch has an internal insertion.

- To avoid dirt, sand, etc. pouch has a volume valve-closing quick-release buckle for "fasteksy" and textile fastener.

- To secure the ammunition at the top of the front and rear walls of the pouch set sectional clamping sling closing the clasp on the turnstile.

- On the side walls of the pouch are cross straps for fixing the removable pockets, pouches, fitted with a modular mounting system.

- At the bottom of the pouch has holes for drainage.

Materials: Cordura 1000D or fabric art. 04s27 "Mogotex."