Airborne Helmet "6B28" (GS)


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 In the 2000s, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation needed more modern developments in the field of equipment. The military also needed new, lighter and more comfortable helmets. So, in 2006 helmets 6b26, 6b27 and 6b28 (adapted for various tasks) were put into service.

   Helmet 6b28 was developed as a light airborne helmet. This helmet was designed specifically for the VDV, which made it lighter, more convenient and ergonomic, but with a good level of protection. Also, this helmet was made from lighter aramid fibers instead of steel or titanium. This replica from Gear Craft exactly repeats the appearance and design of the helmet, DOES NOT have protective qualities.

   6b28 is used in a large number of units of the Russian army, as well as in ODKB, has a large area of protection and a convenient suspension system.


1. An exact replica of a real helmet.
2. Light weight and high protection surface.
3. Great for the re-enacting of VDV 2006-2015.


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