About Us

We are a Veteran owned and operated business having served 5 years in the RAA, with one deployment to East Timor.

The original concept of the business came about after attending several Conventions in Adelaide. As a Military Cosplayer I had people approach me asking if there was anywhere they could buy toy guns at the Cons; there wasn't.

It's the drawback of living in SA that we are too far away for most of the East Coast toy gun retailers to bother. So I started looking for ways to change that.

After mentioning it to my brother he saw how passionate I was about the idea and offered to help get the business off the ground, that was nine months ago, Now here we are on the eve of our website launch and less than a week away from our 1st Convention site at Adelaide Comic Con 2015.

We are Small now but with your help and patronage we will grow. And with growth comes opportunity; both for you and HCC. We look forward to the future and to helping you have fun in developing your Cosplay, cause FUN is what Cosplay should be all about.

Thanks for reading

 Damion & Brett

2017 Update: Although the business is no longer in SA as I've had to relocate interstate, we are still as dedicated as ever to bringing all our customers the very best in service and competitive prices.

 2019 Update: We are now located in Brisbane Qld to better service our customers.

2020 Update Business grow and evolve overtime and this year we have done the same. We have retired the High Caliber Cosplay business and evolved into MilSim Supply Australia to focus and support the growing Military Simulation market.

No longer selling Gel Blasters and toy guns but now meeting the the needs of fellow fans and enthusiasts with the best quality military gear and clothing from East & West.