Stock getting low, New Blasters.

Posted on October 01 2018

Stock getting low, New Blasters.

Hi fans, 

as you will have noticed by looking at the product list, we are running out of alot of Blasters. There has been a sharp increase in them over the last month and we are now starting to run out. I have more P90 Matrix Rails and the P90 in Multicam due in tomorrow (2 Oct).

I've had alot of questions about when we are restocking the M4 Gen 8 and other similar high performance Blasters... We wont be. We have large orders in for the New Kriss Vector V2 and the M4A1 Gen 9 aswell as some more AK47v2 and Scar v2 but these are not expected to arrive until late Oct to mid Nov. I will keep you all posted on updates as they occur.

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