More of our up coming Helikon range of products!

Posted on February 06 2021

More of our up coming Helikon range of products!
To night is the last of our Showcase posts for our up coming Helikon Range of gear.
The Competition Multigun Set is a fully customise-able rig system with removable internal mag pouches that make it compatible for AR, AK AND 308 mags! YES THE FN FAL MAGS WILL FIT!
Made of Cordura® 500D
Compatible with magazine inserts.
Two front utility pockets.
Two pistol mag pouches on front.
Compatible with MOLLE/PALS.
Loops for hanging gloves etc.
Back part lined with velour.
We will have them available in all 4 colours pictured here with additional pouch options for Triple carbine Inserts, 308 Inserts (FAL), Utility pouch, Dump Pouch all in matching colours.
Price for the base rig is expected to be under $150, If I can do better I will.

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